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weddings & elopements [$1850 - $4850]

if your not into the whole wedding thing and you just want to elope, that is fine by me! or if you are into the whole wedding thing and your looking for more information, please do click on learn more to head on over to my contact form. i will then send you my whole entire pricing guide! lots of fun information to be seen in there.   

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love sessions [$500.00]

now, these are included with the booking of any wedding package, BUT if your looking for either an anniversary shoot or just a because i love my person session, these are for you! for more information on these fun, adventurous, relaxing and full of love sessions click on learn more! i'll send you my pricing guide and we'll chat about what exactly your style is and we'll be on our way to creating an experience! (p.s. these are some of my absolute favorite sessions) 

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boudoir [$495.00]

oh yes, these sessions. these are my jam. empowering women. creative new confidence thats never been there, or fluctuating confidence thats already there. helping women realize that they matter and that they are beautiful NO. MATTER. WHAT. i don't care your size. i don't care your age. i don't care your skin color. just give me your whole self and i will take you in with open arms and we will achieve exactly what it is your looking for. some of these sessions are for the significant other and some are for themselves. << you don't always need someone to do these for. yourself is enough. contact me and we can discuss every detail of these sessions. take the plunge girl, your worth it.