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This dawned on me the other week. I was scrolling through my Instagram news feed, as we all do, and i came across a photo of mine. I thought to myself, "hm, thats strange. I don't see a credit anywhere, that doesn't seem right." Seeing as this was another wedding vendor, and we all assume that all wedding vendors know how to share photographers work on social media. Well, think again. Believe it or not, i've gotten approached by a lot of vendors who claim they do not know the etiquette or manners of sharing work on social media. And i get it, we "assume" everyone thinks the same way we do and has the same social media common sense. But they do not! And that's totally okay. This may come off as a little self serving, and i promise you it is not intended to be that. It is meant educate those who may not know the ins and outs of Instagram and what it is they are to do. So i do hope i don't come off as being rough. Forgive me if i do! <3 


I'm not perfect. There have been a few times where i have been in the hustle and bustle of posting a photo quickly to Instagram and i totally flop and forget to credit the makeup artist, florist etc .. BUT THIS IS VERY RARE! (And i go back and fix it as soon as i realize it) There is a difference between a mistake and literally not crediting a single vendor. Im talking about your Instagram profile being totally empty and not containing a single credit anywhere. YOU ARE GETTING FREE PHOTOS OF YOUR WORK, so the least you can do is to CREDIT the person who  took the photo. And not only just that, were all wedding vendors, so we all should be supporting each other and PROMOTING each other! And by doing so, we tag each other! You never ever know who could be looking at your profile, fall in love with a photo the photographer took, clicks to see who took the photo, and can't find the tag. And just like that, they've lost interest because we all live in a fast environment and want things to be instantly satisfied. So being a step ahead of the clients searching is the way to go. But we can't do so if were not all willing to work together.


Okay, here we go guys. So, i've compiled some steps for all of you vendors and clients so you know just what us photographers are expecting to see when you post to your social media. 

1. Download the photos. And if you have the option, download the web size files.

2. Email yourself the photos that you would like to share on social media. Do NOT screenshot. Screenshotting diminishes quality way to much, so when the photo is posted the quality looks horrendous. And if your photographer sends you a slideshow, like i do, DO NOT PAUSE THAT SLIDESHOW AND TAKE A PICTURE OF THE PICTURE!! 

3. Download them to your phone, from your email.

4. Go into instagram. Go to upload. Now, a lot of people are unaware that you DO NOT HAVE TO CROP PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM anymore. What you do is you grab the photo you'd like, pull your two fingers inward and you'll see the photo kinda collapse and you can then fit in the entire photo. Now, with that being said, vertical photos do get cropped just a bit, but not enough that it ruins the upload. But horizontal ones do not get cropped at all. 

5. DO NOT PUT A FILTER ON IT!!!!!!!! I can't stress this one enough and it baffles me that i still see this in today's day and age. Photographers are artists. Every single image we create is a piece of art. Would you walk into an art museum and slap red paint all over artists paintings? I don't think so. This is how we feel when clients/vendors put filters on our work. We all work very hard to achieve edits/colors/tones etc that we like, and that we can relate to. Our work is an excerpt of our human selves, and one filter can feel like a dagger in our side. 

6. Now, look at the photo. Who is involved in this photo? The photographer, of course. Is there a bouquet in this photo? A dress? A venue? Etc. If so, credit every single one of them. 


 We, as in us photographers, do have a preference. We prefer to to be tagged in the caption. A lot of non wedding industry people do not know that you can tap on a photo to see the tags. So we prefer to be tagged in the caption. This way people can easily see who is involved with the photo as well as WHO took the photo. As i stated above, you never know who is looking at your photos. Instagram is weird, and your photo could now land in front of the eyes of a stranger in Hawaii! So by supporting small businesses, and tagging your small business vendors, your supporting referrals, and possibly helping us book weddings in places LIKE Hawaii! And i can speak from all of the photographers out there, we love and appreciate that more than you know. It truly means the world to us to get an inquiry that says that they found us through a friend, past wedding vendor etc.  


This is simple, but if you are looking to add an extra little ounce of sharing and helping, hashtag. Hashtag your vendors name, or the hashtag they have for their business. If your unsure, just check their Instagram profiles and i guarantee you'll find a post they have posted with a hashtag of theirs. And if you REALLY want to keep it going, you can research wedding blog hashtags, and you never know, your photo could land on a blog! Which is pretty cool. 


HOLY CANNOLI, this is a biggy. If you follow along with Instagram news and the changes they are constantly making, you'll have realized that Instagram stories is where its at. (For us photographers who rely on Instagram for inquires) If you are posting a photo to your story, the same thing applies. Tag. And/or hashtag if you want to be extra. MORE PEOPLE SEE YOUR STORIES SOME DAYS, THAN YOUR ACTUAL POSTS. So honestly, a lot of people may see a photo on your story and never catch the fact that you posted to your profile. So your story is just another place where you can promote and credit. And again, NO FILTER.


None of this information is made to exhaust you, it is to educate you. I simply just wanted to let you know that there is actually such a thing called Instagram etiquette. And to give you the steps to be sure that your not upsetting anyone but better yet supporting them! If you have any questions what so ever regarding this information please don't hesitate to email me at and i can so totally help you out! I am here to help, love and educate!