a tasteful approach to a christmas boudoir session.

we’re all about being tasteful over here. keeping things real and natural. not bland and stereotypical to the normal boudoir photography. (especially christmas boudoir) we had another thing in mind when jacquelyn inquired for this christmas boudoir session. i had been online shopping and came across this SICK red velvet bodysuit from Zaful that looked perfect for a christmas boudoir session. i posted it to my instagram story and she was like - “bought it!” - so when planning for this i was brainstorming on how to make this sexy, but fun and still stay classy. (no candy canes were involved in the making of this christmas boudoir session) so i went to the dollar store, and legit just pulled things off the shelves that had cool texture or colors etc. and then i ran into Fosters Flowers shop an hour before the shoot and she had amazing candle sticks that were for sale! so i snagged them. and this christmas boudoir session all came to be complete when jacquelyn walked in the door. her super sweet personality and willingness to do whatever was amazing. she was ready to rock that red bodysuit, and she did just that and more!