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“my spirit athirst for the eternal, the impossible, the infinite, i wanted to compose at large a hymn of magic and marveling. but the verse rose stammering and pained, naive page, childish echo, flight jolted toward your Divinity.”

these intimate couples sessions are not taken lightly. these are not sunshine, butterflies and rainbows. these are deep. full of depth. love and connection. these intimate couples sessions are a bonding experience. therapy you didn't know you needed. and just a super fun time. so that's kind of my why you should do one. 
why do i photograph these intimate couples sessions? I'm about to get real sappy. grab your tish-es. so without going on and writing a book - my answer is my husband. our love is deep and unique. it reaches depths of my heart that i didn't know existed. it complements my sides that aren't so lovely. it's the reason for everything that i do. his love fuels me and makes me want to create that kind of experience for others. 
how they go down. 
-well, yah gotta show up first! that's the hard part. jk, it's not to difficult. 
- we hang out! we hang out, drink some drinks, whether that's a beer, vodka or a cup of joe. whatever your fancy! then we will walk around Redeux. if you don't know this already, Redeux Vintage is the vintage store that our studio is above. we have access to use any furniture/clothing that we may want or need. (all clothing in these photos were from the store) we also don't have to use anything from the store, but it's there for us to use if we'd like
- so after the hanging and the drinking we get to work. i try and create the most relaxed environment possible for these intimate couples sessions. i'll burn some sage and play some relaxing, but sexy (duh) music. we'll begin by slowly moving into playing some games. not once will i tell you to stare into the black hole of death. aka:the camera. 
- the games we play at these intimate couples sessions are things that i will have you say or do with each other that create real genuine emotion. from the games comes the bonding experience. this is where the connecting begins. we'll navigate through goofy fun prompts, romantic prompts and more intimate prompts. 
this is important. these intimate couples sessions can be on all different levels. you can go as sexy as you want, or as reserved as you want. every single couple is different. you wanna take your shirt off, go for it. you want to keep it on the whole time and just wear big comfy sweaters, go for it. literally, the clothes do not make this session, your love does. 
so this is why and how these intimate couples sessions are done.

colin and alison made this intimate couples session the easiest thing. the thing about it, is their love was fearless. it was fun and goofy. it was sexy and captivating. and i feel so privileged to have witnessed that, and create that experience for them with this intimate couples session. believe it or not, these two have only been together for a year! i’m not sure how that is possible, because the love that was coming from every pore of their body was so seasoned. it was that best friend love. that love that people walk up to you in public and say, “i can really tell you two love each other. OR i can really tell you two are best friends” that kinda love. they let go of everything and just loved so hard and so fun and so REAL. i am so thankful for these two. <3 i really really am.

if you have questions about these intimate couples sessions, or want to sign up, please contact me and we’ll chat! if you feel on the fence about it, then please let me reassure you that i will answer any question you may have and we can go through everything to hopefully ease your mind. its painless, i promise. ;)