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as most of you know, i photograph a TON of outdoor boudoir sessions. and also as most of you know, i recently moved into a studio where i can now shoot studio boudoir sessions! i’ve always been a fan of outdoor boudoir sessions because they give off a sense of adventure and passion, but now these indoor boudoir sessions are going to be a total flip from the outdoor ones. and i’m going to give you some reasons as to why you should book a studio boudoir session (especially in the winter time)

  1. it’s a blank canvas. doing a boudoir session in a studio gives you free reigns to create from scratch. no distractions. no other people. no strangers. it’s you and a bed, a couch, wall and floor. and so much more.

    2. the light. you all know i’m a sucker for natural light. studio boudoir sessions supply an even consistent light the whole way through the session. the walls in our studio are white which give off a diffused soft light on your sexy bod the entire way through the session. light plays a huge role in emotion. at least i think so.

    3. its warm and cozy. who doesn’t feel their best when they are in a cozy warm room wearing not many clothes. it’s almost like your at the beach, right? i can add the sand and beach chair if you need. but you probably won’t need it. you’ll be so wrapped up in blankets, on a cozy bed. when we feel comfortable in an environment we tend to open up a little more and be a little bit more of ourselves! doesn’t that sound glorious. add a little mood music ( some beyonce, heyyyyy) and maybe a weeeee bit of liquor and your on the way to feel good!

    4. we have access to props! yes, we have full access to vintage chairs, outfits, and all that fun stuff! so if you have a certain style your going for, i can accommodate! i love pulling small bits out of personalities in my girls to give it a little spark of extra-ness. ( i think thats a word, or i just made it a word)

    5. HAVE FUN! BE YOU! this is the most important reason. it really is. these studio boudoir sessions are mood lifters. they are confidence givers. they all around give you a giant hug. i freaking love studio boudoir sessions, and outdoor boudoir sessions for this exact reason. you may thing you are doing this shoot to give it to your other half but honestly, whether you know it or not, it’s for you. its a medicine you didn’t know you needed. its healing, literally.

overall, there are unlimited endless reasons why doing a boudoir session, studio boudoir session, is amazing. and why you should book one today. so what are you waiting for?

meet alexandria, the first girl i photographed boudoir in my studio. clearly, she knows what she’s doing. she was literally so perfect and amazing. bad to the bone. the wonderful hair and makeup done by https://mkupbeautystudio.com

if you want more info on these sessions, or be the first to know when i do these sessions check out the specials page, and sign up for my email list!

a new chapter. a new beginning <> we are opening up a studio at Redeux Vintage

The title says it all. WE'RE OPENING UP A STUDIO!! this is Christina (CJ), Krista and me, Sarah. Christina owns Christina Julia Photography, Krista owns, The Hursts & CO, and i own sarah b photography. We are 3 babes with one thing in common. We're major creatives. We have a heart for community. We respect each other, and lift each other up. We have goals and a passion of taking our businesses to the next level. And by joining this studio, we plan on taking over the world (or maybe just york, pa. on a smaller scale) We are all so excited for this next chapter of all of our lives!!

This studio will be located on the 2nd floor of Redeux Vintage, in York PA, right beside Collusion Tapworks and The Bond, right in the heart of Royal Square District. We will have a private access door, which you can see when at the back of the building. You can't miss it, because there is a really cool mural on the outside of the building. We are going to be doing all sorts of really cool things in this new place. So many cool specials, deals and giveaways. So your going to want to keep your eyes open for these deals coming to you very very soon! I'll be setting up an email list where you can be the very first to know about things that i'll be doing.

I am seriously ecstatic about this opportunity. Things fall into place when they are supposed to. This happened when it was supposed to. Heres my story of how this came to place and just proof that when one door closes another one opens.

I never wanted a studio. When i first started my business i felt like a studio just wouldn't accommodate my style. I wanted to keep everything outdoors. But as the years progressed i started to dream of it a little more, and then a little more and then a little more. This past spring i started looking for fun in Harrisburg. But after searching just for one day, i kind of already knew its was going to be a closed door. Every place we looked at was either astronomically high in price, or the style of the place was horrible. Harrisburg seems to cater to more of your typical office spaces. They would take beautiful old warehouse type spaces and lay down carpet, and put up wallpaper and drop ceiling. EW! The realtor had told me i would more than likely not find the style of place i was looking for. So with that i just knew, now is not my time. And i was ok with that. 

Fast forward to the following month and a half. I was at Redeux Lancaster. And as i do, i started talking with the owner there. Networking and such, just starting a conversation (just like my father and grandmother do all of the time) As we got to talking about life and things, she told me that she had this huge room at Redeux York that was empty and wanted to know if i wanted to see it! I of course was super interested in checking it out, but not for a studio space for me, just for maybe an hourly thing. Like i could use the space here and there for shoots. When i went to look at it, Alex, the owner presented me with options. I was literally flabbergasted (in the best way possible.) I couldn't believe that this opportunity had walked right into my life. I walked upstairs, saw the room and i just freaking knew it. This was it. This would be my first studio ever. 

And the rest is history. 

Its so true when one door closes another one opens. I had become content with the idea of waiting to find a studio. But its like finding your soulmate, when you least expect it, it hits yah in the face like a ton of bricks! BOOM!! 


(if you have read to the bottom of this, and you want in on a very special deal - I AM DISCOUNTING ONLY 4  FULL 30 MINUTE MOMMY AND ME SESSIONS IN THE STUDIO FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. this will bring the price to $175.00. if you want to be one of those very special 4 mommy's, then email me at sarah.b.photography00@gmail.com to reserve this spot)


all photos by krista - The Hursts & CO 

a romantic proposal at moore cove falls <> dave & joslyn <> asheville nc


this was seriously one of those meant to be type things. dave had contacted me asking me to photograph him proposing to joslyn. well, it just so happened that my family and i were traveling to asheville nc very close to when he was looking to propose. we chatted and started to make a plan. it wasn't easy, but we made it work! joslyn is an amazing florist. when she lived in lancaster we had done a shoot together and i was instantly obsessed. so when we made the plans to go to asheville i had contacted her to see if he wanted to do a styled shoot. so dave had said to me "what if we were the models" - yeah! boom! that was exactly the plan we needed. it was perfect. so joslyn and i connected with an incredible makeup artist in asheville - emily dawn makeup -  and an amazing hair stylist - hair by natalie  - and we pampered her up! joslyn foraged some wildlife flowers to put in her hair, which was just a great added personal touch.

 we began the session with photographing just her. i told her i wanted to begin with just her and then throw dave in once i was ready. i told dave that when i called him down that i was going to say to them "I'm just going to get my lighting right, hold on one sec" and that was his "cue" to pop the question. he hesitated just a tiny second, trying to grab the ring box in his pocket, and then he got down and asked. joslyn screamed and squealed and immediately blacked out (her words) and dave had to say "does this mean yes?" she was so ecstatic that she couldn't even get the word "yes" out! she cried, and then trembled. yes, straight up trembled to the ground. (this was my favorite part) - isn't it such a crazy thing. love? its such a strong emotion. it can bring your brain straight up to euphoria. and getting to witness/photograph this happening was bonkers, yo! my hands began trembling and shaking because i was just so excited for them. the energy and emotion in the air was sky high soaring through the water drops falling from the waterfall. 

the location was epic. asheville itself (which were now obsessed with) is just up my alley. (would love to book some asheville weddings, elopements or proposals.  just saying. i'd love to be an asheville wedding photographer, heyyyy-oooo) proposals are gorgeous things always, but when your in a unique and naturally raw location it brings out so much more. moore cove falls, in pisgah national forest was the exact location of where we were. there are like 5 million waterfalls in asheville, but this one i think worked just great. we only had a few people around, so it was quite private! 

dave and joslyn, i am blessed beyond words that you allowed me to capture the love you two have. i am SO excited to continue on watching and photographing your journey in life. 

"The Notebook better watch out" 

a romantic backyard wedding <> liz & joe <> philadelphia wedding



that is how this all started. liz had been following me on instagram for quite some time before she inquired with me. when i had seen that joe had proposed to her with  PUPPY (which you will see in the photos) i was secretly chilling at the pool thinking "omg i hope she contacts me. ohhhh i hope i hope!" - and wa-lah, she did! we got to talking and we talked about the property she and joe were going to get married on and it was HER home growing up, in the philadelphia area. she truly wanted that romantic but modern backyard wedding. and i could literally envision exactly what she was talking about. she described this swing that she used to spend many evenings on, the bamboo forest and the creek. i was utterly excited. and not just because of the property, but because i could tell that liz & joe were the perfect fit for a romantic backyard wedding. seemed to fit their personalities and love. 

moving forward, i found out later in the year that they had bought the house! so the house they were getting married at, liz's growing up home, was now her first home with her joe! THIS had really fluffed the feathers even more and i was ecstatic!! 

so many incredible attributes to this day that really made it feel like a romantic backyard wedding. so personal. so intimate. so friends and family orientated. liz had a friend that did an aerial performance at cocktail hour. this was such a unique way to spend cocktail hour. and if you weren't getting married in your backyard, I'm not sure how this would ever happen. - they also sang happy birthday to her sister, since it was her birthday the day of the wedding! AND gave her a cake! - the bride did all of the stationary, because she's freaking magical. and yes, we got photos on that childhood swing. OF COURSE! 

guys, overall, you just need to know that i love these two so very very much. they really made me thankful for my job. its couples like them that has me counting my lucky starts above. 


venue : of course the backyard of the bride \\ makeup : makeup by mik \\ hair : downstreet salon, amber creamer \\ florals : flowers by jena paige \\ farmhouse tables : holmespun co \\ food : montesano brothers \\ day of coordination : it takes two wedding \\ brides dress : sarah seven - the dress theory

pole steeple engagement session <> pine grove furnace state park <> adventurous mountain photo session





when i have couples that are looking for an adventurous place for an adventurous engagement  session, like pole steeple, they aren't always super willing to hike to get to the top. but shawn and amelia had zero problem adventuring to where we needed to go to get the most epic overlook and view of the sunset. and pole steeple is perfect for that. literally on our hike up amelia was plenty in front of shawn and i. we definitely had to take a semi break when we reached the top. 


this is true. and this fully explains amelia and shawn. sure, i have ways and things that i do to get my couples to interact with each other. but there is something so different when your couple just let's go of any pride, embarrassment or anxiety and just loves the other like none other. its a beautiful thing. you have nothing to be ashamed of. love is love and let it flow. <3 thank you amelia and shawn for being so real. 

adventurous california photo session <> california wedding photographer <> point reyes photo session


my attempt at (trying) to be a california wedding photographer. 

but no really. 

anytime i travel i try so hard to find someone, anyone, to photograph. for many reasons. one being because I'm obsessed with human connection all around the world. its so cool to see who knows who and how small of a world it really is. you build one connection in an area your looking to work at more, and your planting a tree of life that will hopefully grow branches of couples. and for me that would be couples in california looking for a wedding photographer. one of the huge things in our industry is finding our ideal client and chasing after just that. our ideal client normally has a certain style/personality and those things match with a location somewhere in the world. i have learned over the years that these opportunities do not just fall into our laps. we have to chase them. if we want to be working in a certain area of the world then we HAVE to put the work in for it! for me, personally, i have dreamt for years (since i visited california for the first time in 2014) of becoming a wedding photographer who photographs at least 5 weddings in california a year. north south and in between. so that way i could explicitly call myself a "california wedding photographer" when it came to SEO and all of that shiz, i wanted to be able to go so hard on it without feeling guilty that i hadn't photographed a single couple in the state. well, i can now, with a good conscious, post california wedding photographer hashtags and such without feeling like a flop. staying persistent is key. and defining your ideal client is key. 

if you haven't done so yet, i highly highly recommend it creating your ideal client. 

one thing that i found that works really well for me has been educating my clients. sure its kind of impossible to book every single couple as your ideal client. like i obviously do not book california couples getting married left and right. so when you take on clients that are not right in line with your idea client, then educate them! maybe they aren't the best a fashion, which is A OK. help guide them through! maybe colors aren't their thing. totally fine. just help them understand tones and how they can really set a personality. maybe they have zero idea about photoshoot locations! honestly, i have found numerous times that a lot of couples have zero idea about any of this stuff, and why would they!? so take them by the hand and guide them on through. 

i am so blessed to have had such an incredible couple to photograph in california.

these two just did their thing. i didn't have to do anything at all! they just loved and embraced and i couldn't have had a more lovable couple to photograph at point reyes national park. and you know my favorite thing, ashley showed up with zero makeup on. literally felt like an alisha keys movement. i'm sure you can see how stunning her face is. a natural beauty at its finest. I'm so thankful they were willing to go anywhere. they lived 1.5 hours from point reyes national park but they didn't even care. they were there for the sights, as was i. and to mix their love with what felt like the ends of the earth. 

i am so blessed to have finally photographed a couple in california at point reyes national park. i truly am. keep working hard folks, and be patient. good things take time.